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Default Re: Ive been told most pro boxers dont snap there punches, WHY?

Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
I don't think you are correctly interpreting the OP's meaning of "snap." He means, I think, fast & sharp, as opposed to slower and heavy.

You can "follow through" and still snap the arm.
- And FWIW, Following through too far wastes energy, and puts you in a bad position defensively. It's almost a matter of semantics, though.
You can follow through but is extremely difficult. To snap a punch you have to anchor ur footing. Is hard to generate that snap while stepping into your opponent. Most boxers uses it on the defense as their opponents walk into to them.

Also for example and anyone can test this.

If you have a heavybag at home. You can snap a punch and the bag will barely move. Why? should be obvious.

Now put your weight into your punch and drive it through will send the heavy bag much further for obvious reasons.

Whenever i spar/box someone i like to snap my punches at them to make my opponents weary. They see the speed and is eye catching but when they get hit, it stings them and cause them to hesitate but in reality i've caused little damage.

Snapping shots are also harder to counter. Depending on what type of style you want to be will greatly impact how often you throw them.
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