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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by Stonehands89 View Post
No, choosing the premiere fighter of an era is often far more subjective than finding the true champion. Take a look at your own considerable effort in your list and we can argue all day about who was the best fighter in a division in many years not dominated by a god of war.

Given a vacant throne, the idea that the "champion" with more belts can be just as valid as the champion who came to be so after a 1 vs. 2 match up is just wrong, man. That really isn't relative or a matter of subjective opinion, unless you like chaos in your sport of choice.

First, the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board has no lineage, if by organization you mean that. It doesn't argue that Briggs was the true champion.

Second, what is your opinion about a superior fighter in Burley not being champ when Zivic was in fact champ? How about Lesnevich as champ over Ezzard Charles? How about Freddie Mills over Moore? Had some silly ass organization came along and handed Burley, Moore, and Charles a belt based on their own set of rigged ratings, would you dismiss the claims of Zivic, Lesnevich, and Mills since the former were obviously superior fighters...?
Well what you say is true in a sense but I mean that for me personally I can always select the best at any one time regardless of which belt they wear. Many won't agree but from my point of view it's consistent all the way through.

Take Floyd at lmw, he's already beaten cotto clearly yet would have to do so again to take your throne.

My bad with the board. Apologies.

Well take lesnevic, he lost to bivins a couple of pounds above the limit, he lost his claim as the best lhw in the world at that point.

Burley, despite twice beating zivic never got his shot at Armstrong and the way zivic twice beat him underlined his position.

The way i see it, no claims need dismissing. The fighters live and die for those belts. It's more about which of the claimants a rate number 1. For instance Igarashi at flyweight is about to lose his premiere status when the winner of viloria and Marquez is announced.
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