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Default Re: Should Vitali end Haye's career?

Originally Posted by JAB5239 View Post
Vittles quit because of a "self inflicted injury"? Lmao!! So he intentionly hurt himself to get out of the fight? You're a moron. And where is the proof or link that shows Byrd ducked a rematch. The burden to rematch is on the loser. You know, the guy who quit against a fighter who started his career 1lb above the super middleweight limit? Lol, you're such an ass clown!
Oh now you mad. But anyway, to address your stupidity, the definition of self inflicted injury is not INTENTIONLY hurt himself. So, I don't think he'd try to get out of a fight with a guy that couldn't win a round that got his ass handed to him. Vitali, again, quit due to a self inflicted injury. Byrd didn't do **** so stop being delusional. It's sad that as a Vitali hater you have no big losses in Vitali's career because he's never truly lost.
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