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Shut up ****wit.
That's about as much time as I'd give TC Sox

And for those who are getting excited about the weight issue, well Cameron isn't and offers no excuses if he loses. This from Adam Auld of Aus Boxing who interviewed him today

"Ive done all the hard yards over the past 8 weeks, Cameron told I ticked every box, come back down from Heavyweight and Im feeling very good. Cameron fought his last fight at Heavyweight but has enlisted the help of a nutritionist to help with the weight cut, as the contract has stated he must weigh in two kilograms under the Cruiserweight limit. This tactic from Green Machine Promotions is legal under the IBOs rules and was used when Green fought BJ Flores.

Im in a good place, I can tell you Im certainly not at Heavyweight, said Cameron. I have a very good nutritionist on board and Im eating the right meals. This will be the first time I can actually make the weight comfortably.

Before Id do it really hard because I didnt get any advice and use my knowledge. What it has shown me is that I dont know anything about nutrition.

Ill probably get in there on the night at 93-94kgs, Cameron revealed. Im not really that concerned about trying to be bigger in the ring. Im naturally going to be bigger and stronger so its not a concern for me.
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