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Default Re: Should Vitali end Haye's career?

Originally Posted by Meow View Post
Oh now you mad. But anyway, to address your stupidity, the definition of self inflicted injury is not INTENTIONLY hurt himself. So, I don't think he'd try to get out of a fight with a guy that couldn't win a round that got his ass handed to him. Vitali, again, quit due to a self inflicted injury. Byrd didn't do **** so stop being delusional. It's sad that as a Vitali hater you have no big losses in Vitali's career because he's never truly lost.
Lol, Mad? I can't stop laughing at your stupidity. Nothing for me to be mad about Kitty. You're so hell bent on sucking Vittles nuts you don't realize Byrd did win rounds and was competitive in almost every one. You're so ignorant you don't realize he DID quit against a guy who started his career at 169lbs and who you WRONGLY say "didn't do ****." You're so infatuated you claim he "never truly lost", but the FACT is he lost to the two best fighters he ever fought. And no, I don't hate Vitaly at all. I just like cramming the truth down the throats of nuthuggers who constantly overrate and tell lies to try and rewrite history. Call it a hobby of mine that I thoroughly enjoy day to day because I know losers like you hate to hear it.
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