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Default Re: Bob Arum: Legalize Marijuana in Boxing

Originally Posted by HeavyT View Post
Haha, okay mate, I'm pretty sure none of these guys have a huge blunt before they gop out to fight, it would be ****ing re****ed. Guys might go on the**** during camp, but I bet they dont have a few before they ****ing fight. Get some perspective... if you fail a test it could mean it was 2 months since you last smoked, depending on all the variables.

If you want cannabis to remain a banned substance, at the very least you should say the same for alcohol.

It is a gateway drug, much like alcohol.... i bet if no one tocuhed the drink they'd never touch the coke or the speed either.
i agree that alcohol probably should be illegal - society could only benefit from that. but let's face it, it's never going to happen! weed is illegal already tho and so it should remain.
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