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Default Re: When will people realize Wlad was not in his prime when he lost 3 times?

Originally Posted by jisi View Post
Sdunek was the conditioning coach in this fight.

After this fight Sdunek was fired and Wlad worked with Steward alone. Since than he improves as a fighter.

Last fight with Sdunek in his corner last loss. Fact.

Sdunek was the reason for Wlad´s losses. Sdunek never teaches fighter a good defence, none of Sdunek fighters had a good defence (Vitali is a special fighter which has nothing to do with Sdunek.).

Watch Dimitrenko vs. Chambers, Dimitrenko does not know how to protect himself like Wlad in his fight against Sanders and Puritty.

With Emanuel Steward in his corner Wlad learned how to react when hit, better footwork, better movement, he improves as a fighter.
From Wlad's own mouth about the Brewster fight, "The fight was a loss! I fought perfectly, and I know that I fought perfectly because I was doing everything that Emanuel was telling me. However I lost the fight, and both of us were actually crying after the fight from whatever happened to us, and we could not believe that it happened"

Stop trying to blame Sdunek for Wlad's problems. Wlad is responsible for his own losses. If an Olympic Gold medalist with 40 pro fights hasn't learned defense and to take opponents seriously, it his own fault.
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