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As suspected ****s , you really DO NOT follow boxing, your one of those gronk ****s who goes to the pub with his missus when a fight is on and PRETENDS he follows boxing

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Green hasn't looked good against anyone above 190, except for Wlod, and then he gassed and got starched anyhow.
BJ flores 195LB.

Cameron looked **** in some of his CW fights because it took some adjust-ing. Like you said, he was good against Vea.
If the Cameron that fought Vea comes in, Green is in for a hard night.
How the fck does Cameron come in like he did with Vea when you dam well know it took him time to adjust to the 200LB limit before he could produce such a performance? he has to drop 2kg more this time you moron.

Green is way past his best and too heavy.
TO HEAVY? He was 186LB for his last fight you idiot. I will agree he is way past his best but WTF is this Too heavy comment all about mr boxing expert

Cameron is perhaps slightly past his best or maybe still at his best, but too light.
Too light... YOU THINK!


Neither fighter is going to be in their best shape come fight night.
It will be closer than many think IMO
**** off you idiot, Cameron is going to be weight drained and will no doubt produce a sht performance, all one can hope for is he does a garth wood on Greens ass.
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