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Default Re: Prime James J. Jeffries vs Jack Johnson

Originally Posted by guilalah View Post
Tough call. Johnson had a good style for Jeffries, with his defense, control of distances, strength tieing up inside and uppercuts. On the other hand, I've read (Moyle) an observer who thought Johnson was a bit tired inthe latter stages of 15 dominating rounds against Langford, and he seemed to be a bit tired in the last few rounds of his fight with Hart. Would you expect Johnson to be less tired against Jeffries? Then again, Johnson fought so many 20 rounders against good opponents you can hardly call hiss stamina a weak spot.

I'd go Johnson in 15 or less, toss-up at 20, Jeffries in 25 or over.

Jeffries only went 25 rds once ,against Sharkey who was consideably smaller,[ 6inches ]and lighter, the fight was very close. Jeffries only went over 20 rds one other time against the 188lbs Corbett who was in front when stopped in the 23rd rd, he went 20rds 3 times, once with 180lbs Sharkey once with 167lbs Choynski,and once with 200lbs Ruhlin, the latter 2 fights were draws.
Johnson went 20 rds 11 times most with men as big or bigger and not washed up, retired ex champs.
Johnson went 26 rds with giant Willard when he was 37 and was in front after 20 rds.
Johnso beat 225lbs 6' 4" Pat Lester over 15rds when he was 48 years old.

I dont see any advantage for Jeffries in an extended fight.

If a 210lbs man in his prime is tugging and leaning on a 167lbs/180/188lbs man you would expect him to outlast them , especially if they are coming out of an extended retirement.
What happens when that 210lbs man meets another 210lbs man who is also in his prime and can , not only match him for strength but is more skilled?

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