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Default Re: Ike Quartey... School me on him.

Originally Posted by Nipple View Post
How good was he in his prime?
Too good for his own good, after wrecking Phillips no-one wanted anything to do with Ike. From 95-97, when at his peak he was the best WW around imo.

A massive WW cutting weight hampered his energy levels & stamina towards the end of his title reign. Ike had a great chin, power in both hands & the best jab Ive ever seen.

How would he fare if he was around today?
If he wasnt avoided & got the big fights he'd be the #1 WW

His best punch was?

His best victory was?
Unofficially Oscar & Forrest. Officially probably Espana or Phillips.

Espana & the demoltion job vs Park are my favourite Ike fights.

Does he rank up there with the "greats" of the divisions that he was in?
In terms of talent & ability he was just as good as Oscar & Tito.
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