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Default Re: We are gathered here today, to pay our respects to Dealt_With aka Lefty R.I.P

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
That guy is killing you in strength and looks.. you took steroids and got overtaken you loser
Find something to do that doesn't involve muscular development, you obviously don't have the genetic makeup for it. I'm telling you my man, you could be a Rogaine spokesperson if you stop taking test
Someones revealed their crush on Cutt

End of the day, you're just a puny twerp that's slammed around this thread for peoples amusement, I am gracing book covers and magazines, while you are fearful to even grace the pages of a forum, when you did, you left and created an alias lollllll.

The hair comments are even funnier, if I ever started balding, i wouldn't have a guido hairstyle, i'd just shave it bare or get a hair transplant, you clearly. How about that bald grandpa with nipple rings who has you accustomed to living the life you are?

recent shaved hair pic:

More tears due to flood from old man Lefty as yet another insult is disposed of in the same manner forumites pass him around, use him and dispose of him lolllllllll lol @ Lefty being gang ****d on this thread.


the end
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