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Default Re: Does anybody genuinely think Ricky Hatton can beat Pacquiao or Mayweather now?

Originally Posted by Ireland View Post
More to do with the fact your respected here, plus your a good poster and i just think its a waste of time getting involved.

Yeah TV works in a funny way, not reality based at all.

I do wonder whats going to happen with the heavies in 2013, will Vitali take it up with Haye? Chambers at Cruiser is exciting.

I disagree.

I do see the point you are trying to make and ordinarily I would agree, but in the absence of the mods removing these people I think the long term more respected posters are a best hope.

I'm sure the individuals who post the constant drivel and ****e will react in their prediictable and one-dimensional way but it will hopefully encourage more people to let these creatures know that it is not appreciated and that they can shape up or ship out.
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