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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by irishny View Post
Wlad in recent years has fought
Mormeck(40 year old,former cruiser,who had been KO'd FIVE YEARS previously by Haye.
Elier Castillo(Need I say more?)
Hasim Rahman(Had been previously beat by an obese former middleweight in Toney,and was about 5 years and 20lbs north of his prime)
Thompson(one of Wlads better wins, was 40 when they fought the second time)
Ray Austin(...Hes Ray Austin)

Lewis didnt fight anyone that poor since he fought in his first 15 fights!

Wlad fought these people for titles!
LL didnt hold the title long enough to beat the top ten and then go through some of his devisions lesser figters . In fact a couple of the lesser fighters were busy KOing him and him getting rematches . And for the record you dont know much about LLs opposition or the fact that VLAD has many more fights then him and has completely wiped out all opposition . LL spent most of his last years beating shot HOLY and MIKE before his total stroke of luck against VITALY .
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