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Default Re: Lennox Lewis: "Vitali paid off Kirk Johnson to cancel the fight with me"

Originally Posted by WiDDoW_MaKeR View Post
Lewis beat better fighters in your own biased opinion. Certainly not in mine.

So, Lewis was Undisputed without ever winning the WBO title, and having vacated the IBF and WBA titles to avoid his mandatory challengers, and went 1-1 against Rahman during his very short reign. So... while Lewis was Champ, we had Wlad holding the WBO, Byrd holding the IBF, and Ruiz holding the WBA and he split wins with Rahman.... That's undisputed... but Wlad holding every title except the WBC title isn't? Not only that... he has held those titles intact, and didn't vacate a single one of them, and hasn't been defeated since becoming Champ. Beyond that... the WBC title that Vitali holds was won against an opponent (Sam Peter) that Wlad already beat.

The WBC title means nothing. Wlad is undisputed, which is a useless term to begin with... in reality it means absolutely nothing. The titles mean nothing as well, unless they are held by the best in the division.

Lewis was the true Champ after his win against Holyfield until retirement, I agree. Wlad is also the true Champ, and has been ever since he beat Chris Byrd, who was longest standing Champ and #1 ranked heavyweight by ring magazine at the time. Especially considering the fact that Wlad beat the undefeated Sam Peter, who was considered the next champ of the division and the most dangerous man that Wlad could have possibly faced in order to get that title shot.
The WBO belt?????
Are you kidding me???

Yeah you're right Lewis should have manned up and fought Herbie Hide...Its the fight the world wanted to see!

Wlad has fought some downright AWFUL competition as champion.
Lewis fought (at worst)good fighters.

Some of whom are still hanging around the heavyweight scene,its so weak!

Tyson(even the old version still massacres the likes of Mormeck and Castillo)

Whereas Wlad has fought the likes of
Old Rahman

Its not all his fault, its just the modern division is brutal.

Its why guys like Grant, Botha, Rahman,Briggs can still compete near world class level right up until their late 30s,early 40s. Even Ray Austin was getting near world titles in his late 30s and he was NEVER anything special. When Tua came back and hammered Cameron,we had people on this site wanting him to get in with the Klitschkos.

These guys were getting beaten by Lewis,when they were prime.
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