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Default Re: David Haye trashers, would you fight a round with him?

Originally Posted by supremo View Post
90% of people on here have never stepped in a ring, therefore it wouldnt matter who they faced be it Haye or Audley- the result would be the same, they would end up KOd badly. The differene in quality between Haye, Audley or a decent amateur wouldnt matter or be detectable against someone who hasnt boxed. Anybody that thinks they'd be better off facing Haye than Harrisson is deluded.

I could play a 5 year old at connect 4 or Professor Steving Hawking could, but the result/manner of vitory would be exactly the same despite the vast differenes in intelligence between Hawkings and I- because the level of skill needed to win against a 5 year old would be basic.
A 5 year old easily beats Hawking at connect four by default. The guy cant even wipe his own ass! ...****ogy fail!
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