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Default Re: Sonny Liston - Had To Lose In Lewiston, Maine

Everybody take a breather here,,,,,

Sonny Liston got into excellent physical condition for the original rematch date
of November 16, 1964 - where Sonny was down to 210 lbs.

At the time when he was up at White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

6-weeks later, in Denver, on December 24, 1964 - a disheveled, bloated and intoxicated
Charles Liston was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Sonny was at 225 lbs., and thick-waisted.

The 'game' changed in early 1965, when Las Vegas wanted the next Heavyweight
Championship bout, after Clay and Liston fulfilled their contract obligations.

When Sonny was training at the Towers Inn at Dedham, Massachusetts in early-May 1965,
and later the Poland Spring House in Maine, he was in good physical shape, but not the
physical marvel he was from back in November 1964 - 6-months earlier.

James McCarter, who was one of Sonny's sparring partners, said that Sonny could barely
run 'One-Mile', and his sparring sessions were only at 3-Round intervals, with an
occasional 4 and 5 Round session.

A 'far-cry' from the 'Machine' that was seen in 'The Catskills' in the summer of 1962.

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