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Default Re: Ive been told most pro boxers dont snap there punches, WHY?

Originally Posted by SpeedKills View Post
the point of a "snapping" punch is to "snap" your arm back after solid impact
i dont see how it could be snapping if he's still going foward long after it's landed
was mosley's punch on floyd rd2 a "snapping" punch in your opinion?
as oppossed to say floyd's pull counter on mosley?

but i think i get what you mean, you mean the snap in the beggining of the punch, that "explosive", fast twitch muscle "snap"
but when most coaches talk about "snappy" punches they usually explain it on the heavybag, they want your hand to come back as soon as possible after impact, they want you to "snap" back
The snap comes from the midsections stretch reflex. (A thudding punch dosnt get this speed boost)

Yes its natural for it to snap back and thats how it gets its name, but you can still drive it deep and with a long contact time if you choose, for say a body/liver shot.

I think this would make a more powerful body shot than a thudding punch to the body, because you are using both speed/power up untill impact time and then muscular force in addition to this when driving the punch for a longer contact time, so a "SNAPPY PUNCH" MAY WELL BE SUPERIOR AS A BODY SHOT ALSO!!!??

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