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Default Re: How Good Was Jeff Fenech?

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I have a nice story about Jeff Fenech. I live in Bangkok and about a year ago I was taking a little known short cut (by foot) between two busy roads. The shortcut is over a kind of abandoned parking lot and there was absolutely no one else around. The short cut I guess is about 100 metres and as I am walking across I see another guy (alone) walking from the other I get closer I recognize the guy and it is none other than Jeff Fenech!!! (Bizarre!). So anyway I approached him and asked if I could shake his hand and we stopped and chatted for about 5 minutes!! What a great guy to stop and chat with a complete stranger....he was really nice and I came away absolutely chuffed.

One thing I remember though was shaking his hand..seriously it was like his hands were made of stone..they were absolutely rock solid and unlike anything I have ever felt when shaking someones hand...if I am not mistaken he had hand problems through out his career.
He had huge hand problems during his career. At times he was in tears because they hurt so much. They are probably a mess of calcified bone these days. Which might explain how they felt to you.
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