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Default Re: David Haye trashers, would you fight a round with him?

Originally Posted by Smudger View Post
Oh so if David Haye got in your face and started shouting that he was gonna knock you out you wouldn't be intimidated?
I don't know, scarier and worse things have happened. It depends how I react at the time. I'm a grown adult, I don't go around thinking big athletes are scary, but in a hypothetical situation anyone might be.

He's not an intimidating presence though. His mere presence is NOT intimidating.
I'm as big as him and if I got up in someone's face saying I'd knock them out I'm sure I could "intimidate" many, but I'm not a bully. And some little guys would laugh it off. They'd laugh at Haye too. So what's your point ?

But you are intimidated by spotty little virgins with their hoods up standing outside tesco?
No, I never mentioned them.
Not sure where you pulled that from.

I was saying, for an example, in a normal 2-minute walk from my home I am more likely to find someone intimidating.
Not kids with hoods.


I'd be intimidated if Paulie Malignaggi got in my face... **** find the smallest, lightest punching well known boxer and get him in a situation with you where he's being aggressive and will likely end up fighting you then of course you will be intimidated.
For starters, WHY am I in that situation ? Why is Paulie Malignaggi in my face ? Is he known for that sort of thing ?
Also, I'm twice the size as Paulie, and maybe I've got a broken bottle in my hand. Who says he won't be more scared than I am ?
Maybe an 8-stone schizo alcoholic crack-head tramp turns up with a syringe full of AIDS blood and we both run like chickens.
Who knows ?
What's the point in your scenarios ?

Some people are "initimdating presences" and some aren't. Haye isn't. He looks like the guys I see everyday in the gym - one of the prettier ones. And, yes, of course anyone can be potentially intimidating by their behaviour.
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