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Default Re: When will people realize Wlad was not in his prime when he lost 3 times?

Originally Posted by jisi View Post

A boxer in this age needs a good coach. And Sdunek wasn´t this kind of coach and never realized it himself. He did not train defence, watch Dimitrenko vs. Chambers. Dimitrenko had no defence, no foodwork.

And Sdunek fired Emanuel Steward after Wlad´s loss to Brewster. Sdunek wants to be back in his corner.

And realize it forever: IMO Sdunek poisened Wlad because he did not want Emanuel Steward to work with Wlad.

Sdunek never thought that Emanuel Steward would stay to Wladimir after the loss.

But Emanuel Steward was a man and trainer of honour, he stays with Wladimir and Wladimir stays with Steward.

The plan did not work.

And it will not work today. Sdunek is done. He wants to be in Wlad´s corner again but it will not work. Wlad knows the facts about him.

And you can stop trying to change my opinion. I will not change it. Sdunek was the man with the water bottle which was missed after the fight and all the things before the fight and after shows he was the man who poisened Wlad because he wants to be back in Wlad´s corner.
Yeah, it couldn't be because Dimitrenko was just not that good to begin with Why you think Universum brought him along as slowly as they did?

Sdunek has trained MANY world champions, not just Klitschko and Dimitrenko, you're telling us none of them learned defense under Sdunek? Shows again how little you know about boxing.
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