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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Been trying to get all my fight results in one place from controversial fights I've seen.

Probably loads I've forgotten but these are the ones I've been able to find. I need to keep better track of these things!


Ali L15 Norton (clear)
Alexander L12 Kotelnik (close)
Alexander L12 Matthyse (close)
Antuofermo L15 Hagler (close)
Barrera L12 Morales 2 (clear)
Barrera L12 Marquez (close)
Bowe D12 Holyfield 2
Byrd W12 oquendo (close)
Byrd D12 Golota
Byrd W12 McCline (close)
Castillo L12 Mayweather (close)
Darchinyan W12 Mares (close)
De la hoya W12 Mosley 2 (close)
De la hoya W12 Trinidad (clear)
De la hoya L12 Sturm (clear)
Diaz L12 Malignaggi (clear)
Esparagoza L12 Villasana (close)
Foreman W12 Briggs (close)
Foreman L12 Schulz (clear)
Foster L15 Ahumada (close)
Froch D12 Kessler
Froch W12 Dirrell (close)
Hagler L12 (clear)
Holmes W12 Spoon (close)
Holyfield L12 Lewis 1 (clear)
Holyfield L12 Ruiz1 (close)
Holyfield W12 Moorer (close)
Hopkins L12 Taylor 1 (close)
Hopkins W12 Mercado (clear)
Hopkins L12 Calzaghe (close)
Huck D12 Afolabi 1
Huck D12 Afolabi 2
Huck D12 Arslan
Huck W12 Lebedev (close)
Judah L12 Matthyse (close)
Leonard L12 Hearns 2 (clear)
Maidana L12 Morales (close)
Martinez W12 Cintron (clear)
Martinez W12 Williams 1 (close)
Marquez W12 John (close)
Marquez W12 Pac 1 (close)
Marquez W12 Pac 2 (close)
Morales L12 Barrera 1 (clear)
Morales L12 Barrera 3 (close)
Morales W12 Diaz (close)
Norwood L12 Marquez (clear)
Ottke L12 Reid (close)
Ottke L12 Mitchell (close)
Pacquiao L12 Marquez 3 (close)
Pacquiao W12 Bradley (close)
Pascal L12 Hopkins 1 (clear)
Peter L12 Toney 1 (close)
Povetkin L12 Huck (clear)
Ramirez L12 Whittaker 1 (clear)
Rosario W12 Camacho (close)
Ruiz W12 holyfield 3 (close)
Ruiz W12 Valuev 1 (close)
Ruiz L12 Golota (clear)
Shibata L15 Marcel (clear)
Spinks L15 Holmes 2 (close)
Tarver W12 Johnson 1 (close)
Taylor D12 Hopkins 2
Toney L12 Tiberi (clear)
Toney L12 McCallum 1 (close)
Toney L12 McCallum 2 (close)
Toney W12 Johnson (close)
Tua L12 Rahman 2 (close)
Valuev L12 Holyfield (close)
Whittaker W12 Chavez (clear)
Whittaker L12 De La Hoya (close)
Williams L12 Lara (clear)
Wright W12 Vargas (close)
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