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Default Re: Price February opponent

Originally Posted by REEVO View Post
No i was making the point, answer this has Sprott got to a higher level in boxing than ***ton or McDermot? Yes i would agree that Mcdermot has not had the rub of the green. But my point was saying that Sprott is a better fighter, but people argueing on this ****ty forum miss information out includeing myself) to back up there reasons..
What are you saying about the gloves?
And if Mcdermot fought Sprott i would heavily back Sprott.
In the rematch Fury had an advantage due to fact that he was wearing Cleto Reyes gloves as opposed to McDermott's BBE gloves.

Originally Posted by REEVO View Post
***ton has lost the majority of his top Domestic fights thats why he has never challanged for european honors also come short at british honours too, he beat a cabby from ireland for the common wealth belt, good for him. Whats your point?
Tell me when i was quick to ridicule Audley?
Err ... ***ton has won exactly 50% of his title fights. That 'cabby from Ireland' whom you are denigrating was the first man to stop the then reigning European champion Matt Skelton. A man who beat Michael Sprott more comfortably then the scorecards suggested when the two fought a lot closer to their primes then their most recent prizefighter bout.

If Skelton had chosen to defend his European belt as well as his Commonwealth title, both Rogan and ***ton would've been able to call themselves former European champions.
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