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Exclamation Amir Khan: "I believed in my own power more than anything, and that was my downfall"

Hands down, probably the smartest interview I've just listened to that he's given. Speaks about his flaws and was a overall great interview. Below is only part of the interview. Can't post the rest but to listen to it instead, go to Check Hook Boxing.

Jenna Jay: Amir you have a new fight set up, can you tell the fans about it and whatís been going on with you since we last saw you in the ring?

Amir Khan: Iím fighting Carlos Molina on 15th Dec in LA arena. Iím looking forward to the fight, itís been a tough, tough journey over the last 12 months that Iíve had. Initially having the loss against Peterson, I still believe that I won the fight, and I didnít get it. I tried to get it again, but it didnít happen because of the drug tests, after the whole training camp, 10 weeks, the fight was called off. I took maybe a week or two off and then jumped in with Danny Garcia. I hold my hands up, I got caught with a shot I shouldnít have got caught with. After winning the first couple of rounds so easily, my mind went off the game plan. I got caught with a big shot, to be honest, even though I got up from the first knock down, I didnít recover. I still believe I could have carried on after the 3rd knockdown but it wasnít the case. Iíve got a lot of respect for Danny Garcia, he beat me. But I would love to have a rematch with him, and hopefully settle the score.

Jenna: What are your thoughts on your next opponent, Carlos Molina, as a fighter? Khan: Heís a tough fighter. Heís a lightweight moving up but Iíve had more lightweight fights than him anyway. Most of his fights have been just under or around the 140 mark. Heís undefeated so he has something to prove. Iím coming off a KO loss, whereas heís undefeated and will be full of confidence. Iíve been KOíd before and Iíve come back, Iíve changed my trainer to Virgil Hunter so Iím no longer working with Freddy Roach. I know what I did wrong last time.

Jenna: You recently make a switch in trainers from Freddie Roach to Virgil Hunter, why did you feel you needed to make that change?

Khan: I think my style isnít really being an aggressive fighter. My style is being the counter fighter, in-out, hit and move. Maybe it (the aggressive style) happened because I started to knock out opponents, started hurting my opponents, and I thought to myself Ė ĎMaybe I could hurt some of these guys instead of just boxing themí. I think I believed in my own power more than anything, and that was my downfall. I should go back to basics, do what I do best which is hit and move and donít go looking for the knock outs.

Jenna: How hard was the decision to make that change in trainers?

Khan: It wasnít too hard really, I need someone who is going to be with me 100%, people can say that because he has Andre Ward heís not going to spend much time with me, but itís not the case, Virgil has been spending day in and day out with me, telling me what to do right, and making me improve my mistakes. I need someone to advise me of that. I think I made the best move in leaving Freddy to work with Virgil, because Virgil has something that will take me to the next level. In just a few weeks Iím a changed fighter, Iím more focused, Iím thinking about what Iím doing, I take my time more. I see what Iím doing instead of just going in throwing shots. Itís about doing things right and doing things smart.

Jenna: Amir, one of the few criticisms you get is that you are a little to brave when you get hurt in the ring. Do you think so?

Khan: I think I have too big of a heart. Iím an exciting fighter, and when I get hurt I think I get into fight mode with my opponent. My style is Ďhit and moveí and if I am hurt, I need to think about that, and get back to basics instead of rushing in there and trying to knock my opponent out. Thatís what weíre changing. If I get hit, I will regroup myself, and think about what attack Iím going to make next instead of just throwing anything. In previous fights, Iíve relied too much on my speed. Now Iím going to fight smart, and pick my shots at the right time. I need to change my style as we donít want to be knocked out or hurt again. Iíve learnt the hard way. Danny Garcia has a big KO percentage, and hit me with a huge shot on the side of the neck. I think that would have hurt anyone, so people who say that I canít take a shot Ė I think that Garcia would have knocked out anyone with that shot. Iíll come back stronger, wiser and eventually come back a better fighter for it.

Jenna: Your next fight is at 140lbs, why did you decide to stay at that weight? Before the Garcia fight you were talking about moving up?

Khan: The reason is because I think it takes a long time to move up to the next weight category. Iím thinking 6-9 months to move up, build up the muscle mass. I initially wanted to move up after the Garcia fight, but because I lost, Iím going back to basics, build up and have 1 or 2 more fights at this weight category and then move up.

Jenna: What have you been learning from Virgil Hunter?

Khan: Virgil Hunter is a great trainer, heís a great guy. Heís not afraid to tell me that Iím making a mistake. Heís one of those guys who will say Ďyouíre doing this wrong, do it rightí and heíll be upset if I donít do it right. Heís telling me straight. Heís not a nice guy about it, itís the way you have to be taught. I like to be taught that way as well, heís very strict Ė make them stick. I have to do it right, or Iím in trouble, and thatís in the ring as well as with Virgil Hunter. That what Virgil likes to bring to the table, he wants me to respect him and do things the right way. He only wants the best out of me. And looking at how heís worked with other guys, like Andre Ward, I think he could take me to the next level. It takes two, I have to listen and learn, and Virgil is going to teach me.
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