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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather recently met Bob Arum in regards to Pacquiao fight. Positive!!

Originally Posted by MollyWhop View Post
u guys were crying about how badly floyd would beat him when he called him out for may 5th. complaining about he's slowed down. fight didn't get made, u clowns got your chance talk smack since the schooling session was postponed. now, there's potential again, he's a bully again and waited for him to slip .

Pac****s dont want this fight, stop pretending you do
when does he ever fight a top guy in their prime? never. not since castillo. wake up dude. hes got the wool pulled over your eyes. if he doesnt think he can win, he wont fight him. typical floyd

lets see if he fights canelo. no coincidence he took another vacation to roid up

wtf u kidding? ive been waiting for this fight for almost 4 fuggin years already. floyd did everything he could to avoid it. he knew arum wouldnt go for the drug test. and when they did, he came back with another excuse the split. come on dude wake up. whats his next excuse? no arum! HAHAHAHAHA GET REAL

ive predicted this. he would wait until pac showed wear and tear to fight him. i knew it all along. btw just look at his record

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