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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather recently met Bob Arum in regards to Pacquiao fight. Positive!!

Originally Posted by MollyWhop View Post
pac****s are something else. when the fight falls thru, floyd is a coward and afraid of pacquaio, but when negotiations start back up, you whine and cry about "manny slowed down" (ignoring that Floyd is older and just got out of jail). which one is it? do you want it to happen or not?

you're like little chihuahas, Bark when someone is walking away, then tuck your tail when they come after you
HHm Let me think #1 and #2 fighters of the last decade THATS a FACT right. and in that decade Fraud Willnever has been in semiretirement and on vacation. During that time Pacquiao kept the sport intresting again a FACT. I am not going to knock Fraud Willnever as a fighter cos I am a boxing fan, and he is one hell of a boxer. But for sheep like you to believe anything that comes out of Frauds mouth and accept it as truth and gospel WoW thats just pure stupid.
As I said #1 vs #2 ( thats P4P not just divisional ) the split and choices ( eg venue, date etc ) should be a lot closer than Fraud is supposed to be offering. And if you can not see that I suggest you get rid of your white stick and get yourself a guide dog
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