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Default Re: Muhammmad Ali vs Buster Mathis 'The Battle of the Fat *******s'

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
it was and meeting in the middle, his legacy and achivements have to be taken in the context of his personality and fame. he was THE most famous man on the planet for a time and probably the most loved athlete for a decade. if i decry dempsey for benefitting from the golden age of sports, then perhaps ali's flaws in the ring are overshadowed by his larger than life persona. having said that you routinely attack the man with tangental argument as well as superfulous and often fabricated information. you gotta give the man credit for what he did IN THE RING

btw: he don't look fat in that picture
I think he just looks thin, because of the size of Buster Mathis.

The Most Famous Man on The Planet, there are many people that can
fit into that category.

For God's Sake,,,,,,,,,,Ronald McDonald was famous too.

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