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Default Re: David Haye trashers, would you fight a round with him?

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
I don't know, scarier and worse things have happened. It depends how I react at the time. I'm a grown adult, I don't go around thinking big athletes are scary, but in a hypothetical situation anyone might be.

He's not an intimidating presence though. His mere presence is NOT intimidating.

I'm as big as him and if I got up in someone's face saying I'd knock them out I'm sure I could "intimidate" many, but I'm not a bully. And some little guys would laugh it off. They'd laugh at Haye too. So what's your point ?

No, I never mentioned them.

Not sure where you pulled that from.

I was saying, for an example, in a normal 2-minute walk from my home I am more likely to find someone intimidating.

Not kids with hoods.

For starters, WHY am I in that situation ? Why is Paulie Malignaggi in my face ? Is he known for that sort of thing ?

Also, I'm twice the size as Paulie, and maybe I've got a broken bottle in my hand. Who says he won't be more scared than I am ?

Maybe an 8-stone schizo alcoholic crack-head tramp turns up with a syringe full of AIDS blood and we both run like chickens.

Who knows ?

What's the point in your scenarios ?
Strong post, cannot be bothered to reply though because everything has been over complicated.
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