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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather recently met Bob Arum in regards to Pacquiao fight. Positive!!

Originally Posted by Godsavethequeen View Post

Dude why are you so upset? You call me an alt but you don't even have 500 post. Funny how you guys get mad when anything remotely positive comes out regarding this fight. Wonder why that is.
Why should I care about your alt having so many post, You never make sense and often post one word. And I guess I do not have so many posts for 2 reasons..1:- I am not sat on my ass for 24 hrs a day in front of my computer. 2:- I have a JOB
And again I am not mad at the topic. Mad at idiots like you writting BS as per NORM... comprende
And please tell me what is good about ( SUPPOSEDLY ) Fraud Willnever wanting everything his way LMAO that is pure ducking
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