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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather recently met Bob Arum in regards to Pacquiao fight. Positive!!

Originally Posted by MollyWhop View Post
lol, do i really have to post Arum/pac bull**** excuses? isn't there a thread with about 100 of them posted? ofl

listen chump, im not here to argue back n forth about their negotiations, this **** is played out.

but remember this: in 2009, when the fight was HOT, the fight was VIRTUALLY SIGNED! everything was agreed upon, except Manny not wanting to be randomly tested. of course, pac***s give their boy a pass for this.

funny, how the "beast 2009" version straight up DUCKED over some blood. no one to blame but himself. **** outta here
who u calling chump, u ***** mofo? he used the test to avoid him. he never tested any one before in his entire career. hes a ***** mofo. deal with it
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