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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather recently met Bob Arum in regards to Pacquiao fight. Positive!!

Originally Posted by bodyopus View Post
Did he fight Mosley when he was being chased by him? No, he waited until he got dominated, drawed and looked like **** to fight him.

Did he fight Margrito when that was being talked about? No, they waited until 2 years later after a KO loss, 1 year suspension and him looking like garbage against club fighter and still wanted a catchweight.

Did he fight rematch Marquez when he should've? No, he waited and even though he said he could make 140 easily, he made a 38 yr old lightweight come up further.

No excuses? Should we continue this?
log off, u r a joke. floyd waited until mosley, and cotto were past it to fight them. pacs career is already proven. he fought the top fighters while floyd fould bruseles, mitchell, old busted gatti, baldomir. the last guy he fought who was a threat to him was castillo. log off now. HAHAHAHAHA

btw, floyd needs pac, not the other way around
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