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Default Re: Lennox Lewis: "Vitali paid off Kirk Johnson to cancel the fight with me"

Originally Posted by Siney View Post
"at my worst, i beat vitali at his best"

that sums up the lewis/vitali fight for me in a nutshell, all the klit fan boys can argue until they are blue in the face but thats a fact.
That's funny, because by Lewis and Steward's account before he fought Vitali, Lennox was in great shape, and had an AMAZING camp, which is why they didn't want to waste it when Kirk Johnson pulled out. Lewis was "like a fine wine, I get better with age"... remember? It's easy for Lewis to make excuses now though. After all... Lewis did look to be at his worst... that's because he was fighting against Vitali Klitschko who made him look that way. Had Lewis fought Johnson that night as planned, nobody would be talking about how bad Lewis looked that night.

If Lewis was in such horrible shape, and so old and over the hill all of the sudden... he certainly wouldn't have made it past the second round thrashing that Vitali gave him. He DEFINITELY would not have came back stronger afterward to make it a more interesting fight. It makes no sense. It was Lewis' great conditioning that allowed him to recover from being hurt and battered. Although, Lewis was clearly about finished as he slumped in his stool after the 6th round, almost falling off of it. Once again, due to the grueling fight, not age and conditioning. Lewis was used to fighting at his own, slow pace in which he controlled the action and the range. This fight was different.

Beyond that, Vitali Klitschko was green in big fights at that time. Any age that Lewis had was completely made up for by Lewis' experience in bigger fights against the green Vitali. Vitali was also only training for a 10 round fight against Boswell, while Lewis was training for a 12 round fight against Johnson who was a relatively high ranked contender. If anyone was underprepared for that fight, it was Vitali... who had no real big fight experience and was thrust into a main event against the Champion on short notice. An experienced Champ like Lennox should have no problems ad******g as he had his experience to fall back on. Just as Lewis HIMSELF said before they fought.

Once again, that is not a fact... that is an obviously biased quote from Lewis.
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