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Default Re: "After fights with ***ton, Harrison & Skelton, Price needs 1 more fight before Wl

Originally Posted by lordgore View Post
Price gets no stick on here atall to be fair,it's Fury that takes the brunt of it all. And fair enough to Price if he thinks after 3-4 more fights he's ready to take on Wlad,he won't ****ing win though and we all know the 3-4 fights he'll have will be against no marks and has beens. What winds me up the most is good prospects rushing their careers just to get in the ring with Wlad,getting smashed to pieces then losing the spark,there is no reason for Price to be going anywhere near Wlad yet,especially after another 3-4 fights against shoddy opposition.He should have a go at Euro level and then try and get known across the pond once he's cleaned out the domestic scene here.
Probably because Fury is a muppet who avoided the fight then started chatting **** about it. Whereas Price is actually a nice bloke who was game for the fight and yet doesn't even mention Fury.
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