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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather recently met Bob Arum in regards to Pacquiao fight. Positive!!

Originally Posted by SouthpawJab View Post
The only person anyone would call a threat to Floyd now is Manny...Special fighters are head and shoulders above the competition. Even solid B level fighters like Cotto lose lopsided decisions when in great shape. Hate Floyd for his personality or whatever, but he's a truly dominant fighter.
hate my ****. hes bs artist avoiding guys who r threats to him. keep making excuses *****

he needs pac, pac doesnt need him. hes on vacation again avoiding canelo and sergio like he avoided pac with demand after demand. now he wants to fight him when pac aint the same any more. cotto and mosley were past it, and he fought them. top prime fighters he avoids them like the plague

like always, floyd waits until a fighter is past it to fight them. and guess what? pac is past it HAHAHAHAHA
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