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Default Re: Sonny Liston - Had To Lose In Lewiston, Maine

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Billb your an idiot.

The count is made by the timekeeper as well as the ref. The fight was stopped after Sonny got up because Liston was on the canvas for more than 10 seconds so yes he was in fact knocked out.

Yes the fight was officially investigated and no fix was determined. That's the official verdict. No fight in boxing history was investigated more closely than this match at least in the hwt division.

Yes the fight was ****yzed frame by frame and yes those that published there findings concluded no fix and that Liston was koed by a punch he never saw coming as he was stepping foreword. In fact during this ****ysis it was shown that Listons lead foot as he was stepping foreword was lifted off the canvas by the force of Alis right hand.

So there is an official investigation and an expert ****ysis of the fight film both concluding no fix was involved. But let's hear your uneducated uninformed disbelief of the facts. Oh...once again...your an idiot.

In any rules of boxing you want to use as a reference, the referee's count is the only one the downed fighter is expected to rely on. The referee's count is the only count that determines a knockout. The downed fighter must be given the opportunity to both hear and see the referee's count.

The referee does not start counting until the opponent retires to the farthermost neutral corner.

Walcott did not start a count on Liston, as Clay refused to go to a neutral corner.

There was no knockout because the referee never started a count.

Watch the fight and maybe you will be able to grasp what I am saying.
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