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Default Re: Jose Napoles 'The Mark of Brilliance'

Originally Posted by D9Garrard View Post
I must be missing something about Napoles. I just watched the entire defense against Clyde Gray a few weeks back, having admittedly never seen him outside of brief clips, and he looked about a half notch better than Gray, if that. Both were slick and talented, but didn't see Napoles as an ATG. What'd I miss? Bad night? Or Gray was that underrated?
D9, in a report from his prior title fight in '73 against Roger Menetrey, it was reported by a keen-eyed writer that Napoles only seemed to fight as hard as he has to in order to win. This was perhaps owing to the fact that he was older by this time (33) and after a long career the eyes were busting up a bit more frequently. One part of the article that was interesting was how the writer posed the question, "If he's fighting just hard enough to gain the win, have we even seen the best of Jose napoles yet?" An intersting question and a good observance. He fought with a lot more fire when he was younger, it just might have been down to lengthening his career.

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