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Default Re: * Johnathan Banks for the upset over Seth Mitchell *

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
Banks has got a decent chance of landing on Mitchells eggy chin, i mean Witherspoon almost KO'd Mitchell, so it's only time before someone finishes him off.

Can't see why he's 5-1, the bookies must be drinking the mitchell kool-aid
Oh you can count on Banks landing consistently on Mitchell. The question is whether a) Banks has enough pop to earn Mitchell's respect and b) will Banks be able to sustain a sufficient workrate past the early rounds to keep Mitchell off him for the entire fight? Well, Johnathon looks to be in the best shape of his career so I believe the answer to the second question is a resounding YES. The answer to the first question will depend on what Seth has learned from the Spoon fight.

Either way, this will be a competitive fight and I'd be shocked by a Mitchell blowout.
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