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Default Re: Lennox Lewis: "Vitali paid off Kirk Johnson to cancel the fight with me"

Originally Posted by KidDynamite View Post
That faggot will list Botha yet is one of the retards on this forum to say Tyson never fought anyone when Tyson brutally KOed Botha as his comeback fight from a year and a half hiatus.
Who will list Botha? If you are referring to me... I clearly stated that Wlad beating Botha was not a big win for him, just as it wasn't a big win for Lewis. I listed Botha as one of Lewis' title defenses... because he was one of Lewis' title defenses. You might want to read before you post.

Besides that... I am a HUGE Tyson fan. Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard are the reason that I even started watching boxing. It killed me as a kid when I watched Douglas knock him out. I didn't want to believe it. I remember trying to explain to my parents that night about how the ref counted too long for Douglas when Tyson knocked him down.

I would hope that you are referring to somebody else... but you seem like the kind of guy who sort of trolls without actually paying attention to facts or detail, so I figured I would go ahead and stomp it out now.
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