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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by FelixTheGreat View Post
How is it possible you wrote out this entire long post?

First off
Wlad 'opened up' against Wach because Wach is a D Rated punching bag.

2nd off

Manny didn't go too far, if Wlad don't fight ultra defensively Wlad would have gotten knocked out again.

It's shocking how you guys still don't get it.

Wlad was down 13 times man. 13 Times during his career.

He went down from a Williamson right hand/jab and had to take a quick knee just to recover. This guy got a horrendous chin and you guys are now tricked into believing it's 'fixed'.

It's not fixed. He fought a total of 2 punchers since his series of brutal knock outs.

Samuel Peter I and David Haye.
he was almost knocked out against Peter and the bell saved him in the 10th(I'm pretty sure) Haye was just a coward.

This era have had some of the worst punchers ever.

A few big ones are coming and on it's way though. Wilder and Price. I fully expect to see Wlad's career end 2 years from now due to a big Wilder right hand and all you people in classics making what you guys perceived as intelligent posts about 'what went wrong'?
The answer of course is 'nothing' He just got his chin exposed yet again.

But I'm sure geniuses like MagnaMagna and Mendoza will have entire paragraphs to write about 'what went wrong' after Wilder Ko Wlad.
Wilder was hurt by a journeyman not long you window licking ****.
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