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Default Re: Amir Khan: "I believed in my own power more than anything, and that was my downfa

Really encouraging interview. I don't think Khan is an asshole. I think he's really poor at wording what he thinks and getting across what he really feels. He gets petty too quickly and is clearly quite self conscious hence why he gets so defensive so quickly. But he's not a bad guy. He just needs to realise he's a world class athlete earning millions. He should be above petty twittter squabbles and pathetic trash talk with nobodies. With Kkhan, If you show him respect, he always shows respect back. That's what i've noticed anyway.

In terms of his progress as a boxer, I think he's right in what he says about his style not being agressive. But I feel Freddy could have taught him that too. I think Khan just didn't follow the gameplans that Roach set for him. Fair play for changing trainers though I hope it improves him as a fighter. And with Virgin Hunter in charge, hopefully it improves his ego and personality aswel.
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