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Default Re: Jose Napoles 'The Mark of Brilliance'

Monday Night - August 22, 1966

Arena Coliseo - Reynosa, Tamualipas, Mexico

Attendance; 2700

#1 Light-Welterweight - Jose 'Mantequilla' Napoles - 46-3-0 {28 KO's}
Youngstown, Ohio - LC 'Langston Carl' Morgan - 88-31-2 {67 KO's}

The Skinny,

#1 Light-Welterweight - Jose 'Mantequilla' Napoles, the 26 year-old Cuban looks to stay
busy, while waiting for his opportunity at the Light-Welterweight Championship. There is
discussion that Jose may go to Italy, to challenge the Champion - Sandro Lopopolo in
October 1966.

LC Morgan looks to be a 'safe opponent', as Napoles has stopped the 31 1/2 year-old American
'journeyman' twice before, by (KO 7 in November 1963) and (KO 3 February 1965).

LC Morgan, comes into the bout with '12' straight knockout wins, while campaigning the small
arena's in Mexico. His last loss was in December 1965. One thing, LC is not afraid to bomb away,
and that always makes him a dangerous opponent.

The Fight;

Round 1 -

'Mantequilla' starts off with a steady one-two attack, and shakes Morgan with a left-right late in
the Round. But 'LC' hangs tough, and whips in a wild left hook near the end of the round, that
opens a small cut over Jose's right eye.

Round 2 -

'LC" comes out aggressively, and starts winging his bomb-hooks, and catches Napoles with another
left hook, that rips open the cut over the right eye. Napoles, with blood coming down his face, attempts
to get close to 'LC', and bangs away with ferocious punches.

Morgan is shaken, but fights back with 'zinging hooks', and a right hook past the mid-way point in the
round, slices Napoles over his left eye.

Napoles is not hurt, but blood is pouring down his face. Morgan sensing trouble, attacks like a 'Wild Bear',
and rips hooks at Napoles eyes until the Round ends.

Round 3 -

Napoles, knowing he's in trouble, goes after 'LC' with bombs, but he cannot trap the 'smart journeyman',
as 'LC' ties him up every time he gets close. 'LC' is just biding time, waiting for an opening as he covers up.

'LC' lands a couple of counter left jabs, that do further damage to the cuts.

Napoles tries to go to the body, in hopes of bringing Morgan's hands down, but the opening never comes as
the bell ends Round 3.

Round 4 -

Jose comes out for Round 4, as blood is pouring down his face from cuts over both eyes. Napoles tries several
hard punches, but leaves himself open. 'LC' waits, and lands a perfect counter left hook, and an overhand right,
which splits Jose's cut over the left eye wide open, as blood pours everywhere, as the Arena Coliseo fans scream
for a stoppage.

Referee - Gustavo Saleraez waits, but cannot let it go any further, and stops the bout at 1:31 of Round 4.

LC Morgan is awarded a TKO 4 victory.

LC Morgan

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