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Default Re: how can Seth Mitchell be 242 pounds

Originally Posted by Rock0052 View Post
Freddie's right. A pound of feathers and a pound of lead weighs the exact same thing. A pound.

Muscle's more dense than fat, meaning that if you have the same volume of each, the container of muscle will weigh more.
You are technically correct, but you and Freddie are being dense (pun intended) taking the phrase "muscle weighs more than fat" so literally. To the layman, weight and density are interchangeable, as is mass. We are already incorrect when we say the "weigh - in" and "weight limit", because it is truly the mass-in and mass limit. However, the words weigh and weight roll off the tongue easier than mass. Furthermore, we call the fighting area the "ring," when it is in fact square and the hand covers "gloves," when they are technically mittens.
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