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Default S&C coaches are not neccessary.

Sorry to burst your burst your bubbles. If you have a good old school boxing coach, an S&C coach is not neccessary, a good coach knows how to prepare a fighter for whatever he may face or how many rds they go.
Now for you nitpickers There are good S&C coaches who do wonderful jobs, they do their jobs with no fanfare On this threads here I am addressing the S&C coach who whips out terms that only they know and consider a person dumb if they dont understand the terms or the human body like they do. These S&C guys want to reinvent the wheel. They are the new age flim flam guys selling snake oil. I will be upfront and make it clear, I would agree that a good S&C coach would be an asset. These Snake oil guys will tell you all kinds of horror stories about how old school tecniques and coaches are using outdated and dangerous techniques and that they are hurting their fighters. They have all the answers how to correct and improve any guy.
There is a long line of ATG's and HOF'rs who didnt have an S&C coach, or a six pack or were striking bodybuilder poses. I am sure that I will get called names, that I am an idiot, and nitpick this or that, they S&C can howl in the wind cos you know what old school trainers knew what they were doing and they sure as hell didnt need S&C guys, they had boxing coaches, and asst coaches who did all the training. These snake oil S&C guys will tell they could do a better job cos they understand the human body and most boxing coaches are dumb cos they dont know the new and improved techniques. What they dont tell you is that old school works as well or better.
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