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Default Re: How Good Was Jeff Fenech?

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Jeff Fenech is not an ATG. Had he beaten Nelson then he may have been seen as one but it was the rematch that solidified my thinking that he would never be one. I'd had previous doubts about him since the Zarate fight, specifically about how he reacted to adversity (or in this fight, preceived adversity...check out Fenech's reaction after the fight ended and he thought for a moment that Zarate had been given a TKO win on a cut)

At his best though, he was a monster who largely flew under the boxing world's radar
It was only a shadow of the great Carlos Zarate that Fenech beat, but I'm sure I've heard Zarate quoted that he thinks even at his peak he couldn't have beaten Fenech. High praise indeed and if Zarate didn't honestly think it, he would have no cause to say it.
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