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Default Re: Joe Louis's resume is very poor

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Charles maybe outpoints Baer, definitely a strong possibility of that. But 15 rounds against a determined Baer, he might well get caught.

i think JJ Walcott's become a bit over-rated though, in a head-to-head sense. He had some nifty flashy footwork and moves, but he liked to stop and dig some punches in, and he could be caught and KO'd or roughed up. Abe Simon knocked him out. Rex Layne outworked him. He struggled with Elmer Ray. An old Joe Louis knocked him out.
You can do this with anybody. Schmeling was blown out in 1 round by Gypsy Daniels. He lost to an aging Jack Sharkey who was never able to beat a top fighter again. He lost badly to Steve Hamas in their first fight. He was stopped by Baer and crushed by Louis in their rematch.

In comparision, the postwar Walcott was erratic but gave fewer really bad performances.

The 1936 Louis was young and talented, but the 1948 version had more savvy and was fifteen pounds heavier. Schmeling never beat a 213 lb fighter, let alone one as good as even an old Louis.

*It is a whole different issue how much pre-war fights like Simon prove about Walcott. His efforts against Ray and Layne are no worse than Schmeling's against Hamas.

**I think Walcott also had more tough fights than Schmeling.
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