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Default Re: Sonny Liston - Had To Lose In Lewiston, Maine

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
Mr. Lufcrazy,

Forget about the punch, as it is really irrelevant. Sonny 'had to lose'.

If you follow I-C-P (Inter-Continental-Promotions) you can understand
why Sonny had to lose. Money.

Robert Nilon, was the 'money man' who called the shots. When Robert
went out to Las Vegas in August 1964 to set up the rematch, he was
told I-C-P could promote there, but not with Sonny. As Liston had way too
much baggage.

They tried to unload the fight to every major city, and everbody turned
them down, except for Boston, who eventually unloaded it anyway.

If Sonny defeated Cassius Clay in May 1965, I-C-P would have went
under, because they could not promote Liston anywhere, because every boxing
commission had yanked his boxing license.

I-C-P owned an option on Cassius Clay's next defense, where everybody
knew a Clay vs. Patterson bout in Las Vegas would do $5,000,000 in gross
receipts, netting I-C-P a big percentage.

If Sonny had won, they would have been stuck with nothing. Even the
Danish Boxing Commission would not accept Sonny Liston.

In turn, Sonny loses, and makes money as an officer with I-C-P in the
promotion of the Clay vs. Patterson bout in November 1965.

Kirk Kerkorian, a 'big wheel' in Las Vegas Business scene gives Sonny Liston a house in
February 1966, as part of his buy-out.

And everybody is happy.
Even if Liston had venues over here, there were no money fights in view for him.
Johansson would not fight him. He had already beaten everyone else.
There was no one around that the fans had an interest in.

Marciano had the same problem, when he retired.

Liston decided to retire on his back with a golden parachute in the form of a big cut of Clay's next fight.
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