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Default Re: Haha Andre Ward clowning froch on twitter

Originally Posted by jpab19 View Post
Andre S.O.G. Ward ‏@andreward
I'm not watching Froch vs Mack. You guys can tell me what happens

Andre S.O.G. Ward ‏@andreward
Honestly, really not interested in the fight.

Andre S.O.G. Ward ‏@andreward
Cobra fans seem a bit upset that I'm not watching. Sorry folks...NOT INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andre S.O.G. Ward ‏@andreward
Froch fans keep saying it wasn't him in the ring the night we fought...then who was it...his twin brother??!!

Andre S.O.G. Ward ‏@andreward
Froch Fans: Ride with your guy, but the things you say have to make sense...ok??!!

Andre S.O.G. Ward ‏@andreward
Not trying to be funny. Asking serious questions. Talk to me UK!!

Andre S.O.G. Ward ‏@andreward
Froch said he wasn't himself when we fought, because he was HOME SICK��������������������

Andre S.O.G. Ward ‏@andreward
Question: Why do I HAVE TO rematch Froch in the UK?? #IWonTheFirstOne Talk to me UK!!
Considering he isnt interested he seems quite interested, which is a bit perverse by any ones standards
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