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Default Re: Who HASN'T Price lost to or been floored by in the ams/

Originally Posted by CamR21 View Post
I just think the particular ones you mentioned aren't particularly hot prospects IMO. I think if he steps in with someone with a punch then he is in big trouble.

Price hasn't been in a tough fight so I'm not going to be convinced yet, until he gets in there with someone that can actually take more than one punch without folding and that puts him on the back foot I won't be as sure as you seem to be that he will get to the top

Last year, just before McDermott, he fought a guy who had defensive skills and could take a punch ... but was basically APPALLING.

It lasted 7 rounds before a *cough* 'TKO' by Price.


This guy was 5'11, 37 and had a 5-16 record.

Of course Price will meet someone who can take his power ... this guy could.

The point is he'll meet someone who can take his power and also punch and isn't a foot shorter and and 10 years older.

Pretty much like the list of guys in the o/p he's lost and/or been KD'd by/
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