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Default Re: New Sparring Video

Originally Posted by Brand NOOBian View Post
Been sparring for about 6 months, training for 10 months.
Alright. With that experience you should be sparring a little more for realzies instead of going soft. I don't mean kill each other, but try to escape that sense of being too careful and afraid.
Couple of things you could improve would be your stance. You're too squared off. Rotate your hip to your right a bit more to give less open angles.
The ring is small, so you probably feel you can't move around too much laterally. But following a straight line will create bad habits.
Mix in some in fighting since you don't have a lot of room.
Don't respond to punches with more punches. There's several other things you could do to widen and improve your technical skills. Block, slip, feint or move. Make them not want to throw those punches to begin with.
Focus on your left hand. Lots more jabs, hooks and uppercuts with it.
And tuck your chin in. You don't yet have the footwork to get away with sticking it out there.
Hope those quick tips help. Sorry not too detailed. Getting ready for tonight's fights
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