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Default Re: Sonny Liston - Had To Lose In Lewiston, Maine

I'm not Pepe', nor do I always agree with his positions on Ali.

If you remember, Tywin, I actually took Pepe' to task and specifically challenged his assumptions and requested he clarify his root beliefs on a previous Ali thread. Typical of you to attempt to simplify everything to black and white and display a complete inability to present anything approaching a logical argument or even bother to read my replies in past threads. After all, I had to argue your points FOR YOU against Pepe' due to your lack of intellectual capacity.

You and HOUDINI are essentially "board trolls" who run around behind Pepe' like frightened little school girls desperately defending the purity of "boxing history" for fear that your fragile sense of reality will be dislodged. For God's Sake, why are you two braindeads so threatened by his posts? Seriously, just bypass his threads if you disagree with him. You won't change his mind or anybody else's and you both are just coming off as insecure, whiny dimwits.

As for me, I believe the Liston-Clay fights were fixes not because I think Clay/Ali was a fraud as a fighter (I think Pepe' believes he was...), but because I understand the logical and financial motivation for Liston and his camp to do so. I spent enough time around boxing, and understand the nature of business and politics, to not live in some fairy tale world where presented and accepted history is actually a truthful version.
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