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Default Chauncy Welliver vs Seth Mitchell Let's Do This!

Bring The Punishment Seth Mitchell! Welliver will be your next opponent just like he was almost your last opponent. You both have dropped a lot in stock since July when the showdown was cancelled due to your lack of durability. Cobwebs I believe is what it was.

Anyways, I don't feel sorry for you. I want to see your carcus exploited by a HW with a chin. Not just any chin, but the best damn chin in the history of HW Boxing! Chauncy Welliver's Chin!

Count em....keep counting...count some more.....ok you are there now....393 Straight HW Rounds Without Going Down! That is what Welliver has on the line! That is the streak that you cannot break! It is the streak that No Man Alive Can Break!

In fact Seth, the only thing that would get broken in a fight between you and Chauncy Welliver is your China Chin! Which is kind of ironic, because Chauncy is sometimes referred to as China's Boxing Panda.....your chin would look so good around his neck and underneath his sweet f'n hat!

Holler If You Hear Me!
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